Customer Reviews

Linda’s Christmas dresses are beautiful! Each is beautifully made by hand and are gorgeous! Your doll will look amazing! I’ve purchased a number over the years!♥️

I received the “Kittens” dress this morning.   I just love it…such fine quality fabric along with the dress beautifully made.  I believe my doll is the best dressed in New York.  Many thanks for your exquisite craftsmanship.

These dresses are absolutely beautiful and so well made.  I really love them!

Love the Bear Hugs, Hearts dress for my new A.G. Doll.  Beautiful fabric and so nicely made.  Many thanks.

I just received the exquisite doll dress plus veil, shoes and socks. I was blown away with the quality of the dress and how well it was packaged.  Thanks again!

My order was received and will make my granddaughter VERY happy. You do such a beautiful job!!!  Always a pleasure to order from you. Thank you so much.

I received my doll dresses today. They are absolutely gorgeous and your workmanship is incredible!! Thank you.
I am so thrilled with this little doll dress! It is just beautiful and the quality is amazing. I could not be happier! Thank you so much.

I have received the doll communion dresses and they are beautiful!  And so nicely wrapped in tissue paper and shipped!

Received the order and I cannot describe how HAPPY and in LOVE I am with the things I got! Everything is such an amazing quality and so so pretty!! Thank you so much! Customer for life!!

I have received both orders and could not be happier. Every item is quality and so cute! My granddaughter will be beside herself trying to choose which outfit her doll will wear. Thank you so much for working with me and sewing away after your last craft show.
Your order arrived today! It is so well made and beautiful!! I will certainly be ordering from you again. My granddaughter will love this dress for her doll. Thank you so much!
We got the package and she loves them. Thanks for doing these beautiful dresses. We are amazed at the quality.

I wanted to thank you for the beautiful doll clothes! My great niece was thrilled to get them. The quality of the clothes you make shows how much you care. Thank You.

Just received my order for my American Girl. As in the orders I have received previously, these items also were beautifully made. I just love them. Many thanks.

Thank you for the wonderful First Communion Outfit for my granddaughter’s American Girl Doll. I consider myself a non-professional seamstress and, yet, your work is beyond fabulous. And it was packaged beautifully and timely delivered.

My order of doll clothing and accessories arrived today. Again, I must compliment you on this order. The doll clothing is perfectly made, and the fabrics are so pretty. I believe my American Girl is the best dressed in New York. Thank you so much for your beautiful work.

Oh my gosh, OH MY GOSH!! The First Communion dress was exquisite!! Even more beautiful than I expected! Thank you for sharing your talent with the world! I cannot wait to give this to my granddaughter! 

My granddaughter dressed her dolls, Samantha and McKenna, in their Christmas dresses. The dresses are even more beautiful than the picture shows. Thank you so very much for making a little girl very happy that her dolls could be dressed for the holidays.

I received the lovely patriotic dress today.  Your work and the quality of fabric you use are top notch.  Thank you so much. 

I received the dress and it is absolutely beautiful! I'm sure the little girl I am gifting it to will adore it. It is the most lovely detailed piece of work. I'll sure consider purchasing again if I ever have a need and I will certainly pass your site along to others. Thanks much. 

I received my order and, as with previous orders, the items are "PERFECT". Thank you so much for offering such lovely outfits for the American dolls. I will certainly continue to be a customer. 

I received my order yesterday...BEAUTIFUL! Thank you very much! Everything was there, everything fit and we love it! God bless. 

I received my order today.  Even my husband complimented on how nice it was. My American Girl travels with us all the time. She has and needs her own suitcase. Again, many thanks for your beautiful work.

Just wanted to let you know that the package was delivered on Saturday. I am absolutely thrilled! I bought this as a gift for my best friend's grand-daughter who will be making her first communion on April 23. I hope that she is as happy getting this as I will be to give it to her. 

I received my doll items from you today. Everything is lovely. Your work is top notch. The items were so nicely packed and delivery was speedy. Thank you so much.

We got the doll clothes in the mail and they are gorgeous! So beautifully made, and beautifully wrapped—we couldn't stop ooh-ing and ahh-ing over them! My daughter and I love them. Thank you so very much! 

I received the dress and accessories; they are adorable. I plan to give this as a gift to my granddaughter for her 1st Communion; she is going to love it. Thanks. 

The doll clothes and accessories arrived in excellent condition and everything is just BEAUTIFUL!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! 

The dresses arrived today and as always they are stunning.  Thanks.

The beautiful party dress, red plaid with velvet top was as spectacular as all of the other dresses I have ordered from you. My granddaughter who is ten years old was so amazed at the beauty of the dress with the ruffled socks and shoes. As a person who has sewed for many, many years I just marvel at the workmanship of all of your doll dresses. As my mother, who worked as a dressmaker, always said a dress has to be made so it can look the same on the inside as it does on the outside. I can certainly say that the work put into your clothes is top notch, inside and out. I have recommended your clothes to a number of friends who are also extremely pleased. You take such pride in your work and also with the manner in which every product is shipped. 
Just wanted to "thank you" for my order. The First Communion dress, veil and accessories are just adorable. I know my granddaughter will just be so delighted.
The communion dress arrived today. It is beautiful and I am sure my granddaughter will be pleased with it. Thank-you !!!   

I received the box yesterday. Everything is beautiful. She will be surprised and excited when she opens the communion dress.  Thank you.

I am extremely delighted with your product.  It is amazing to see how much detail and love is put into each garment.  Your packaging also shows the care you take in your product.  Love it all and I am sure the twins will be excited.  I intended to wait until Christmas to give them to them, but my husband has a bet that I cannot last a week.  We will see.  Thanks again for your care and talent.

The dresses just arrived and they are GORGEOUS!!!!!  Thanks so much.

I just received my order and I am beyond impressed! The clothes are beautiful and so well made. The personal touches and love that go into your items cannot be duplicated by mass produced factory merchandise. You have a customer for life. Thank you for making such affordable and beautiful doll clothes and accessories.

I just received my order and it is absolutely beautiful!  I am sooo pleased and thank you for expediting this order.  Thanks again, your work is beautiful!
Just received pkg. and the American Girl sized clothing is beautifully hand-made.  Thank you.  Great quality! 

The dresses that you made are beautiful. The detail you have put into them is "top notch".  I'll definitely be ordering in the future. Thank you so much for the quick delivery. 

I wanted to let you know my dresses arrived and I love them as usual! It has been awhile and my girls have missed your creations. Felicity is hoping for more soon. Thank you so much!

I received the dress today and it is absolutely gorgeous. Your work is absolutely exquisite.  Wow, it's better than expected!

Just received the pioneer dress - it's beautiful!  The colors make me so happy - what lovely fabric. Thank you so much - you are awesome!

I received the dress today and it is absolutely gorgeous. Your work is absolutely exquisite.  I know my granddaughter is going to love this dress. She picked it out because it is like her own dress she wears for the daughter-daddy dance at her dance recital. I think the doll's dress is better made!  Wow, it's better than expected!  

The two dresses arrived today.  They are absolutely exquisite in every way, beautiful choice of materials, so well made, colors, ribbons and just so beautiful looking.  I used to do a lot of sewing so I can appreciate how well made they are.  The way they were wrapped with tissue paper and not a wrinkle in them just shows how much pride you take in making these dresses.  I wish I had discovered your website sooner.  You must make an awful lot of little girls so happy.  I know my granddaughter is going to love them.  Thanks again.

Just wanted to tell you my granddaughters loved the Christmas dresses. They even mentioned that they needed the hangers! You do such good work and go the extra mile. Thank you for your prompt and pleasing service!     

I received my beautiful!!!!!! red dress today and I am very, very pleased! Your sewing is just awesome. I will keep your website in my favorites. Thank you for the wonderful dress and nightgown. They are beautifully made as always!

The clothes I ordered came a couple of days ago. They are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you so much.

I received my order today and I was impressed.  The dress is beautiful and I see the love you put into your work. Thank You

Order received, Linda.  As always, the dresses are lovely.  Thank you so much.

Thank you for the beautiful dresses. My grand daughters loved them. You went above and beyond getting them to mein time for Christmas. May God Bless your business and you! Thanks again.

Received the Christmas dress today. What beautiful work you do! Thank you very much. Look forward to shopping in you store again!

The taffeta Christmas dress arrived this evening. It is absolutely beautiful! I am also very inpressed with how carefully it was packaged! Thank you so much. 

Just received my new dress. It is beautiful!!!! Thank you for having some available for Christmas.

Absolutely sure know how to TREAT and KEEP a customer.  I was astounded at the quality and your reasonable price.  I am 76 and have been sewing for years - I know quality sewing and your creations are quality.   Thank you again - I am so happy with my purchase.

Just wanted to let you know we received our order and it is beautiful. Thank you so much.

Just wanted to let you know I just received the First Communion dress. It is beautiful! I am so pleased. I will be ordering doll clothes from you in the near future. Thank you so much. 

The blue dress and pantaloons are just do a very nice job with your sewing.  Thank you for your prompt delivery of my merchandise and your very lovely packing of the items I ordered.

These, needless to say, are not the first high end, high quality outfits and dresses I have purchased from you.  I feel like you are family to my two granddaughters and the excitement you bring on holidays and special say nothing to how exited I get when they arrive.  You are very gifted and I thank you so much.

Thanks Linda.  The red flocked dress and the navy blue sparkle dress are exquisite.  I cannot wait to see them on my dolls.  You are the best!!!!

Thank you for the new order. Everything is LOVELY - as usual! 

I just want you to know that those are the most adorable clothes I have ever seen. You do amazing work. I am so glad I found your site.  Thanks so much for getting it to me so quickly. Her event is next weekend and I can't wait to see her face when she opens it. I so appreciate it. 

Just wanted to let you know that the 3 dresses arrived and they are beautiful. Thank you so much.

Received the First Communion dresses and couldn't be more pleased.  They are beautiful and my grand daughters are going to be thrilled on their special day. Thanks!!

We received our dresses today and they are just gorgeous!  I love the colors and the delicate patterns you've chosen. They are even more beautiful than the pictures, if that's possible. Your workmanship is exquisite and everything is just perfect. Thank you so much. These beautiful little dresses will be treasured for years to come.

Just wanted to let you know that I received the communion dress outfit today and, just like past purchases….everything is beautiful!   Your workmanship is truly exquisite, and it’s obvious you love what you do—even the packaging is meticulously done!  Thank you so much for the quick service.

I was so excited when we received the BEAUTIFUL First Communion lace dresses and veils. We can hardly wait to give them to our granddaughters!

Received the dresses and wanted you to know, that as usual, they are absolutely adorable and beautifully made!!  My granddaughter absolutely loves them!!  Your work is commendable!.  Thank you so much.

Just wanted to let you know the dresses and shoes that I ordered came today. They are beautiful!  So well-made and really amazing.  I am so pleased with them.  Thank you.  I will definitely be back!

Your doll clothes were adorable! I am recommending your skills and website to many of my friends with American Girl dolls. Thank you for your beautiful work!

My daughter, and I absolutely love everything we ordered. You are quite the seamstress. The clothes are beautiful and beyond expectation.

Your box arrived yesterday. The dress is beautiful, as usual. Thank you.

You must get a lot of joy out of making the doll clothes - they are obviously made with love.  I received my first order today and the clothes for American Girls dolls are just perfect!  Be assured that I will be ordering more from you in the future. Thank you!

The clothes JUST arrived as promised, and all I can say is they took my breath away!  Thank you SO MUCH!  I know where to shop now. I am a long time stitcher and sewer, so I really appreciate all it took to make these clothes.....the details, like the ribbon threaded through the lace on the yoke, are just fantastic.  My granddaughter is going to flip when she sees these dresses. Again, thank you so much!

I received the dresses today and was very pleased with them. They're beautiful. I hope to order more shortly. 

 I just wanted you to know how happy the gift recipients were.  The clothes are so meticulously made and stood up to 5 year olds playing.  Thank you again!

The dresses are absolutely beautiful and the quality is pristine. Thank you very much and I will be ordering more dresses. The outfits are just wonderful!!!!!!

Just a quick note to let you know the dresses arrived today, and they look great! Thanks so much!

My granddaughter's birthday was a couple of weeks ago and she loved all of the clothes as did everyone else :)  The clothes were beautiful and so well made.  You exceeded my expectations!!!!

Again, you have outdone yourself. I love the three dresses that I ordered. They are so beautiful. You are a superb seamstress. The quality of your dresses is exquisite. Thank you for making these beautiful dresses.

My order is here and (as usual) each item is exquisite. Thanks for being so prompt with this. 

Everything arrived today. Just love all your dresses and the new materials are lovely. Thanks much.

Thank you again for making such beautiful doll clothes. I received my order in perfect condition and I love the dresses/shoes/socks. Wonderful patterns, fabric and workmanship. You have outdone yourself. Thank you.

I received the communion dress and accessories today.  It is beautiful. The workmanship and quality are exceptional and I was delightfully surprised.  I am sure my granddaughter will love it! Thank you.

FABULOUS...  I have been sewing for years but this is outstanding and if I had the next two months to work on it,
it would never have come out looking this good.  You are a marvel.  Thank you.

I received my order today. I love, love, love this dress. It was packaged to perfection. I will definitely order more. Thank you very much. You are a very talented seamstress. The quality is superb. Thanks again.
I received the dresses and they are absolutely gorgeous! Thank you.

Thanks. I always love to get your packages. I feel like a little girl again at Christmas! Your clothes are so pretty and they're always packaged so nice. 

Thank You. I love, love your doll clothes.

Just received the doll clothes, and wow, they got here very quickly! Thank you so much for the quick response. As always, your work is truly exceptional…I especially love the dress and hat! My granddaughter’s doll will be ready for Easter before the rest of us.

The First Communion dress arrived today. The dress is absolutely gorgeous. I'm so pleased with this, you can't imagine.  I can't wait to give it to my granddaughter. Thank you so much.....worth every penny!

Thank you so much. My daughter absolutely loved her hand made clothes, they are so beautiful. We'll be back for more soon!! Take care!

Thank you for your beautiful, quality dresses. You are very talented and each time I order I am in awe of the workmanship. Just Gorgeous!!

Just received the valentine dress. You have certainly outdone yourself on this one!!! It is absolutely beautiful. Thank you ever so much.

I know that you wanted me to notify you if I am not completely satisfied with my orders but I just have to "NOTIFY YOU" that "I am completely satisfied" with my orders; I just love my orders.  Your work is beyond perfection and I appreciate the love and care you put into your exclusive line (accessories). Until I place my next order, have a truly wonderful and blessed day!

I received the pink dress yesterday and it is so beautiful... You do beautiful work and it arrived in pristeen order. Thank you for the personal touch you is obvious you are a gifted seamstress who takes pride in your work. I will certainly recommend you to others. 

My order just arrived and I wanted you to know how thrilled I am with the colonial style dresses and undergarments. They are even prettier than they look on the internet. They were nicely wrapped and packaged. I can't wait to see Felicity and Elizabeth dressed in them.
These are the most beautiful clothes I have ever seen for dolls! They are perfect and exactly what I had in mind when I went in search of items for my daughter's Felicity and Elizabeth Dolls. The girl in me just wanted to cry they are so beautiful! I am so pleased that both dresses come with their own bloomers. Thank you for a lovely buying experience. I am so pleased and know my daughter will be as well.  I know that you have made many mothers and daughters happy.

Both girls LOVED their clothes that you made. I am so grateful for finding your website. It was an awesome Christmas.

All my daughters were so pleased with the outfits they received for Christmas. Your work is perfect! Your prices are unbelievable. Thank you.

Received the outfit yesterday. It is so cute. Thanks so much!

Thank you for the beautiful doll clothes you've made. My girls have so enjoyed them...but I think my Mom has enjoyed them just as much. My girls are so going to love Christmas this year too...thank you.

You have done it usual, the heart nightgown is just precious. I do appreciate your getting it here in a timely manner. Thank you so much!

The doll clothes just arrived and are just exquisite! Your designs and workmanship are simply beautiful and so very superior to any doll clothes I've ever seen. I am so grateful I found you and that your gorgeous clothes are part of our little granddaughters' childhoods. P.S. Just imagine how many little girls (and their moms) you have thrilled with your handiwork.  Surely you've earned jewels in your crown! 

I am very happy with the dress. Very nice quality. Will look great on my doll. Thanks.

I got the pink dress today and it is absolutely beautiful. Thanks.

Thank you for the beautiful xmas dress, I love it! Can't wait to give it to my daughter! Merry Christmas!

I am so excited...I'm like a kid at Christmas! The doll clothes arrived today. They are exquisite! Oh my gosh.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I could hardly wait to call my daughter to tell her about them. I am so very glad that I came upon your website.  It will be used again and again.  Thank you for your kindness to me as I went through the buying process.

I think the lavendar dress for doll Elizabeth has to be my favorite! I am amazed at your sewing abilities and attention to the details and I am a sewer myself.  My granddaughters will have years of fun playing with their dolls and accessories. Thank you!!!

The dresses and the cape arrived safely.  I just wanted to say thank you and what beautiful work you do. I hope it is ok that I forwarded your website to my sister who will be placing an order with you. Thank you again.

LOVE the outfits. Oh my - I will have two excited girls (or maybe with me it is three) on Christmas morning. Thank you so much for your timely delivery and the beautiful work on the clothes. I appreciate how nicely they were packaged and passed your website on to all the moms I know in my area. Thanks again - have a good holiday season!

Oh my gosh, these dresses are so beautiful. The construction of the dresses is perfect. I am amazed at the intricate detail and I have to commend you on the packing, the dresses arrived without a wrinkle. I am so glad I found your online businesss and look forward to doing business with you again in the near future. Thanks so much,

I would like to let you know how well your clothes are made and also the quality of the fabrics. Everything I have ordered are pieces that I feel I can give as gifts. As a seamstress myself, that is very important to me. Thanks again.

Just wanted you to know your workmanship is exquisite and will definitely be ordering again from you! Thank you for my order!!

I received the package today and I am thrilled.  The dress is beautiful and I like the black velvet on the dress.  Thank you for making them up for me.  I am very pleased.

 I just received the plaid dress and nightgown from you. WOW!! My husband was here when I opened it and we are both so impressed by the quality and workmanship.  I certainly will be ordering more dresses from you.  Thank-you so much for sharing your talent,

Yesterday I received the two wonderful dresses (Colonial Green and Pink Dress #355 and Colonial Dress Dusty Rose #338) for my two granddaughters' Elizabeth dolls. The dresses are exquisitely made and I am thrilled. The quality of the dresses and the speed in which I received them really impressed me! Thank you so much!

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the doll dresses.  The color combinations, attention to detail, and workmanship are all outstanding.  Even the care with which they were packed and shipped was extraordinary.  The dresses are simply beautiful!  Thanks again.

The pink dress you made for me is just beautiful!  I have been out of town and was so excited to see it when I returned.  Thank you again for making the dress in a long version just for me.  Love it!!  Can't wait to try it on Samantha!

I cannot sing your praises enough upon receiving your beautiful doll clothes!  I hope you know how talented you are and that your work is so appreciated.

The dresses and panties arrived today. As usual you have outdone yourself! I love them! Thanks so much!

You are a very talented lady!  The Christmas dress and nightgown are just beautiful!  I am totally delighted! The blouse and pantaloons are darling also. Thank you so much for the beautiful doll clothes and for the wonderful service.  Something I ordered from another company a week before I ordered from you just shipped. I cannot believe how quickly my order arrived.  My granddaughters will love the clothes for my Samantha and I will be ordering again soon for their dolls. Thanks again!

Thank you so much for your speedy reply.  I appreciate how well you service your clients.  It is a pleasure doing business with you. 

The dresses arrived yesterday. I am very pleased, but then I knew that I would be. You always do magnifcant work! Thank you so much!
The doll clothes arrived today in great shape and they are beautiful!  My husband can't even believe what a wonderful job you do. Two of my friends have started ordering from you and they are thrilled and just as pleased as I am. You will be hearing from me again.

Thanks ever so much for your promptness in sending these doll clothes for my girls' birthdays.  I am so impressed with your workmanship!! My girls absolutely adore the clothes!  Thanks so much!!  My daughters received some money for their birthdays and even said they would love to save more to get some more outfits from you.  Gorgeous work!  Thanks again!!

The dresses arrived yesterday. You do beautiful work!!!!!!!!! I love them!!!!l  I will be emailing you in a couple of weeks about some others. You have several I want if they are available. I thank you and my dolls thank you.

I was so pleased with the "Communion Dress" I received and couldn't wait to give it to my granddaughter. The outfit was absolutely beautiful.  Finally, the big day arrived and I only wish you could have been there to see how excited and delighted she was when she opened the box.  Her little sister asked me if she could have one for her doll.  I have already decided to order one for her and save it for her 'special' day.   Of course, we will also be adding other outfits for their dolls.  Thank you for making one little girl very, very happy.

I love the doll clothes!  I just can't believe all the details you include and the way you pack the dresses!  Thanks.

I just wanted to let you know that the communion dress arrived in plenty of time.  She loved it!  I still cannot get over the fine workmanship in everything  you create.  The dress was truly breathtaking! I was in awe of the sheer sleeves..and lined dress.  It is truly gorgeous! Thank you so much for making sure to get it to us in time.

I received my order today.  The dress and veil are beautiful!  Thank you!  My niece is going to love them, and I can't wait to give them to her next week.  I so appreciate all of your help and the fast delivery!

I received the Holy communion dress, veil and sandals.  I was very happy with all items. The dress and veil are absolutely beautiful and well made.  My grand daughter is making her 1st communion this Sunday and I hope she will be surprised with this gift for her doll. I will highly recommend you to others!  Thanks again.

I just wanted to tell you how beautiful the First Communion dresses are that I received yesterday.  Your friend was right, your photography does not do justice to your beautiful sewing.  I was so happy to see how beautiful they are.  Thank you.

The dresses arrived yesterday. The pictures do not do them justice! The lavender one is magnificent!!!! It is absolutely beautiful!! I can't wait for the next order. Thank you so much!

I just want to let you know that the quality of the red Christmas dress is superb and the dress is just gorgeous. 

Beautiful clothing!! I'm so impressed with your work! It's amazing and my granddaughter will be so-o-o-o pleased.  Thanks for the speedy shipment!

What a beautiful dress.  I have already passed on your business card and email.  I will surely order again.  Thank you so much!!!

The dresses came, and they are simply lovely. The detail and stitching is sharp and clean. I wish my quilt work was as neat as your dresses. I can't wait to give them to my Granddaughter.  As always, great work. Thank You.

Well, Linda, I don't even know where to begin. The clothes are so outstandingly beautiful--craftsmanship, the fabric, lace--everything! I cannot begin to thank you for such gorgeous work. I received the first package today and everything was in wonderful condition. Now I just want every dress that you have. I certainly will be ordering early for Christmas. Thank you so much.

I just wanted to let you know that my mother received the doll dresses today, and could not stop raving about them.  I haven't gotten to see them yet, but she said that they were exquisite!  She said she will not buy from anyone else, including American Girl, because the quality of your work was the best she had ever seen.  She is absolutely thrilled, even my dad chimed in to say that they were gorgeous, high praise indeed from a man.  Just wanted to say thank you, and we can't wait to order more!

They arrived today. They are GORGEOUS!!! Thank you.

I received my new doll dress and I love it! You are a very talented seamstress and such a nice person. It is always a pleasure to open your boxes as soon as they come. They always put a smile on my face and make my little doll's eyes light up. Thanks so much for sharing your God given talent with all of us who can't sew!  

I received the doll outfit today.  It is as beautiful as the pictures!  It will serve its purpose wonderfully on "Laura" from Little House on the Prairie.  I know the children will love it!! Your sewing is so beautifully done..what a talent!  Thank-you so very much again for the rush job and the special changes that you did on this outfit!

Thank you for making the nice dresses. No one could have made them better. They are just perfect. I love the dresses and shoes. You have some nice ones on the internet. I wish I could buy them all. Thanks again, and again.

Just wanted to let you know that I received my order and am very pleased! The little dress is so adorable and beautiful workmanship.  Thank you.

Doll hangers arrived - Very nice and fit the doll clothes perfectly. Going to order some for my sister and more for us in the next few days. Thanks so much.

Dress, etc. arrived today. The little bonnet is very nice. Dress is beautiful. Thank you for the quick delivery. I do sew, so I can truly appreciate the beautiful work you do.

I wanted to let you know I got the dresses in time to give them to the girls for Valentines! They were PERFECT and the girls LOVED them! Thank you so much for your speedy service! I will definitely order again in the future!  Thanks again!

I received the doll clothes today and they are beautiful!  I am very, very pleased and look forward to collecting additional outfits from you.

The doll clothes just arrived and they are just beautiful. Your work in unbelievably exquisite! These dresses are better made doll dresses than some of the little girl dresses in the stores. It really makes me want to be a little girl again and play with dolls. Thank you so much!

I work in sales and I have to tell you that sales is all about the experience; what a wonderful experience it has been making a purchase from Exclusively Linda.  First of all I was very impressed with your website, and your prices.  Then when my package arrived and I open it up and saw the care to each article in the box I was thrilled.  I use to sew but can't seem to find the time now, but your doll clothes were exquiste.  I haven't seen dresses made like that for people let alone a doll, in a long time.  Both my grandchildren and I thank you from the bottom of our heart.  I would highly recommend you to everyone I know.

What a positively beautiful dress.  I will be ordering more very soon.  Thank you for a dress that will always be remembered.

I received the communion dress (and accessories) this morning.  It is just stunning!  You do beautiful work!!!  As a sewer myself, I can appreciate your lovely work and attention to detail.  You really don't charge enough for your work.  I never thought I'd be saying that to anyone...  I'm sure you've been to the American Girl webpage and seen what we mothers and grandmothers will pay for doll clothes.  Even the really cheesy sites charge more than you for far inferior work. Thanks so much for being an artist.  My little friend will have her doll with her, I'm sure, when she takes her first communion in April.

I have to tell you that your doll clothes quite literally took my breath away, because they were so beautiful and well made.  I have bought doll clothes from many places in the past, and yours surpassed them all. The quality and value cannot be beat, and I will be ordering again soon.  I will also tell all my friends to look no further for gorgeous doll clothes at an affordable price. My daughters also wanted to say "thank you" for their beautiful dresses and nightgowns.

I just wanted to say a special thank you for the beautiful clothes and even arriving in just a week for our daughters birthday.  What fun!!!  The clothes are simply gorgeous.  What talent.  Thank you so much!! 

My order arrived today and I can't tell you how pleased I am. The dresses are beautiful! I know my granddaughters will love them. I'll be sure to pass your name along to anyone looking for American Girl size clothes. Thanks again,

I just received the dresses.  As usual, you have outdone yourself!  All are just beautiful. I'm sure my granddaughters will be thrilled. I want to send a special thank you for doing these dresses during your busy time of year. Your workmanship is amazing! Thank you again for your wonderful work. I am so very lucky to have discovered your website.

The dresses and capes just arrived and they are just gorgeous--you certainly do beautiful work!!  Thanks, too, for putting the ribbon around the bottom of the dress so that they're both alike.  I really do appreciate your efforts to have them here for Christmas.  Thanks again from the bottom of my heart!

Wanted to let you know that the doll dress just arrived and it is even prettier than on website.  You are an artiste!  Thank you so much and have a wonderful, blessed Christmas. 

Can't find a way to enter a review, but want to submit how totally pleased I am with the little dress you made for my niece's doll.  I am so impressed with the quality of this little item and how professionally it is finished - like haute cotoure for dolls! You are truly an artiste and obviously take pride in your designs and craft.  Thank you so much for assuring that I would have this for Christmas.  I am very very grateful! 

Just wanted to thank you for the treasures you sent to me for my daughter's Christmas and her birthday. Every single outfit I lifted out of the box was my favorite. I love them all! Each one made me smile. I laid them all out on the bed and just looked at each one over and over. I have never seen such quality in little doll clothes like this. These dresses are really exquisite!  Your hand made doll clothes have made MY Christmas this year. My daughter will never forget this Christmas 2009. 

Thank you for all the love and detailed care you put into your doll clothes.  You are amazing!

The dresses arrived today and they are SO lovely!!! You do an amazing job!!! What quality!  I only wish I had discovered you sooner.  My daughter will be thrilled to receive them.  Thank you!

They are absolutely beautiful Linda!! You are very talented!  Thanks again!

Hi, received the order.  My niece will just love them.  Thanks very much. Just to share a compliment made  to you.  Last Aug when I was in MA my niece and I were looking for doll clothes online and found your website. I ordered  a Christmas dress, just to see how it was made. It arrived as we were heading to the American Girl store in Natick, MA.  The doll had the dress on and many customers complimented on how beautifully made it was.  Told my friend about it and she has ordered many clothes for her granddaughter. You do such a great job.

I received the doll dresses you made today. They are gorgeous and so well made! Thank you for making sure they arrived before Christmas.

Hi,  Received the clothes on Monday. They are adorable!  Will order more in the future. Thanks for doing such a great job!

My order arrived today and I can't tell you how pleased I am with the quality and beauty of these dresses.  Thank you so much.

I am absolutely thrilled with the dress I ordered. It is adorable and your workmanship is amazing. I love the little panties and the matching bow. I will be giving your name and website to my daughter and daughter-in-law right after both of my grandaughters open up their American Girl dolls. Thank-you so much and we will be back to purchase more.

Thank you very much for the clothes. I recieved them today and they are just beautiful. Even more so than the pictures!! Thanks again and I will be ordering again soon.

I just received my order and I love everything.  I am a quilter so I know good quility and yours is fantastic. I can't wait to order more.

I received the clothes and accessories and I can’t believe the quality of everything!  Each one is more beautiful than the next and if your ears are ringing it is because I can’t tell enough people about your doll clothes.  Everything I purchased is for my 5 year niece who just received the Kirsten American Girl Doll—nakedJ. One of those friend of a friend stories who got it for free.  Her doll will no longer be naked thanks to you!  I definitely hope to be a repeat customer and appreciate your help with the ordering process as well as your excellent customer service.

I just received the christmas dresses and nightgowns.  Oh my!  The detail and workmanship are amazing!!!  Thanks for making such beautiful clothes! I'm heading up to Nebraska next week and will bring the clothes for mom to stash away for Christmas.  Thanks for making my Christmas shopping so easy.  My granddaughters will be thrilled!  I'm sure your orders are piled high and I consider myself very very lucky to have gotten these - THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Received the cape I ordered and once again I am very pleased.  I attended a large craft fair a couple of weeks ago where several people were selling American Girl doll clothes and no one came close to the quality of your work. That is when I came home and ordered the cape.  Thank you so much.

I just received my order and I have to tell you the doll dresses are absolutely exquisite!  I just love them and cannot wait until Christmas for my daughter to open them.  I have ordered from many online sites over the years for clothing for her American Girl dolls, but never have I been as pleased as I am after receiving yours, they really put the others to shame.  Thank you so much for your beautiful work, not to mention how lovely they were packaged.  Thank you again,  you will definitely be hearing from me again in the future.

Just wanted to let you know my daughter called and said the dress arrived yesterday (monday) and my granddaughter was thrilled with it!  She dressed her doll and then slept with her all dressed up last night.  I really do appreciate your effort to get it there this week.  We leave tomorrow for her 1st communion this weekend.  Thank you so much!  

I just received my order and I could not be more pleased.  The clothes are beautiful and so well made.  When you have some AG dresses ready I would love to order more.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Just wanted to let you know that I received the doll clothes which I ordered today and I am so pleased with the quality. Everything is absolutely beautiful. You did an amazing job making them. Thank you so very much. I am already looking forward to ordering again.

They are absolutely precious. I know the girls will love them. Thank you.

The dresses arrived today and they are beautiful. The pantaloons are darling. Now to decide which one to give to each girl. I know that they will like the dresses.

They've arrived and are as beautiful as my previous order!  The quality of the fabrics, trim and workmanship is truly exceptional!  My two grand children are receiving Kirsten and Kit for Christmas plus these gorgeous clothes.  I am so excited both for them and for me as I have absolutely loved this return to my childhood!  A million thanks, Linda.

I just received my order of the red checked jumper and blouse.  I am so pleased!  The lovely photos on your web site do not do justice to your amazing attention to detail.  I dressed my daughter's Addy doll and she looks so sweet.  I will be ordering again.

I received the package yesterday, and must tell you how pleased I am with the capes. You can rest assured that I will be purchasing from you on a regular basis. Your site is now in my favorites.  With 6 and 8 yr old granddaughters who adore the American Girl Doll, and an almost 3 yr old who has a bitty baby, your site is just wonderful.  It's going to be very difficult not to be on your site all the time.  Thank you again.

Just wanted to send you a quick e-mail to tell you that I love the doll clothes that I ordered. They have such great detail and the way they were made is just exceptional. They are just absolutely beautiful.  I will be back in the future to buy more of your beautiful doll clothes.  Thank you so much for everything and for making such exceptionally beautiful doll clothes.

Just a quick note to tell you have much I loved the dresses you made!  Your seamstress skills are superb to say the least.  I will be ordering more from you in the future, but just wanted to write you on how happy I am with my order.

The 1st Communion Dress and Veil, as well as the night gown were beautiful!  The quality of the fabrics and the workmanship is superb!  Also, I love the little red shoes!  After I give my Grand-daughter the doll in November, we'll definitely be ordering more items.  Thanks again.

I  just placed an order with you and just wanted to say how pleased we are with the items. You do lovely work. We ordered the night gown and two capes and socks.  The night gown I gave my daughter but the rest is for her birthday.  I look forward to future orders and I told all our friends about you.

Thank you again Linda for the cutest, best made doll clothes ever!!  I received my second order from you and the dresses are fantastic!  Shipped really fast too!  Thanks for your incredible work!  My niece will have the best Christmas!

I was so excited to receive my order.  The clothes are impeccably made and will easily withstand hours of play by  "younger" American Doll fans.  And I LOVE the fact that they are "American Made"!!  Will be shopping with you in the future.

I received the doll outfit and it is wonderful!  It is beautifully made, more than the pictures show.  Also I received it quickly and the packaging was lovely.  Thank you.  p.s.  I hope to order again soon.

I received my order today and they are beautiful!  What a great job.  Love them, love them, love them.

To say that these dresses are beautiful would be an understatement! I am so tickled because they are even more lovely than the pictures. They certainly exceeded my expectations.

The workmanship is impeccable. I have purchased handmade doll dresses in the past and let me tell you, they don't hold a candle to yours. These dresses are so special because not only are they beautiful, but they are so well made. Your professionalism and attention to detail did not go unnoticed (right down to the way you packaged the dresses in the box).

Thank you for the quick delivery and even more so for the beautiful doll garments.  I am ecstatic about how pretty the 18" AG Kirsten-Felicity peach dress apron is and truly appreciate your excellent quality of workmanship.  It's so good to see detailed, customized garments of this quality, let alone handmade in the USA, in this day and age.  I will pass the good word along. Thank you.

The two flannel doll gowns are so beautiful--love your work!  I know both granddaughters will be excited to receive these gifts at Christmas.  Thank you, again.

We got the dress today (and the pantaloons and cape) and we LOVE it!  It is sooooooo gorgeous.  Thank you for doing such great work.  You never know when you order something off of the Internet.  We are not disappointed.  The dress and all the accessories are gorgeous!

The following comment just received from a long-time customer is the main reason I do what I do and love what I do.  Whether buying a gift or for your own doll, my desire is that you enjoy the dress as much as this 9-year old and appreciate the quality workmanship as much as this mom!

"I just wanted to let you know what your dresses mean to my daughter. All she has asked for Christmas this year, were the dresses "Santa" gets. That's all she wanted. Not an Ipod, laptop, or other high tech gadget. You do such a beautiful job making these dresses and she plays for hours. She just turned 9 and to her a new dress for her AG doll is the best thing in the world.  That's why I splurged and bought a few more dresses."

After buying dresses in the past for my daughter's dolls, I'm now shopping for my granddaughters!

Another gorgeous dress set-superbly sewn-very pleased with the quality-thanks.

I love every outfit I have ever purchased from Linda!  She is a perfectionist.

Wonderful outfit, I can't wait to give it to her!  (It's a gift!)  Super fast ship.

Love the fabric and all the details!!  My Diva Dolls request Linda's clothes!!

Love these dresses and have bought lots.  A+++  Will buy from again too.  Thanks!

ALWAYS a Great Day when you receive one of Linda's Creations!  I will be back.

Outfit just is so beautifully sewn...unbelievable it.

My 21st dress or cape purchase from Linda.  Thanks.  All have been beautiful.

Linda is an extremely talented seamstress.  My girls love their new dresses.

Gorgeous!  Always perfect in every way!  Thank you Linda.

Beautifully made, shipped ASAP and well packed.  Will shop again!

Quick shipment, beautiful dress, daughter loves it.

SUPERB workmanship.  Expertly crafted.  Spectacular!!  Wonderfully well packed.

Very pleased repeat customer!  Will definitely be back again.  Thanks.

Top craft sewing.  Excellent price and fast shipping.  I always know where to shop!

I keep coming back!!  They've gotta be good!!  AAA+

MORE THAN SATISFIED!  Excellent Quality! and Super Fast Delivery-BEAUTIFUL!!

Never anything but pure delight to receive one of these doll ensembles!!  A++

First quality from design detail to communication to the material used.  Thanks.

AWESOME QUALITY AND DETAILS!  Reasonably priced and professionally packed!  Wow!!

Gorgeous dress - exquisitely made.

Beautifully made, great design and workmanship.  Never disappointed with her!!

Finest quality sewing, just stunning!!  Fast shipping, first rate. A+++

Outstanding workmanship and service.  My favorite seller of all!!

Fast shipping.  Dress is adorable.  So much nicer than pics.  A++

Quality, Beautiful Dresses!  Great Communication and Fast Shipping-Thank You!

Loveliest doll dresses imaginable!  My girls are just thrilled!

Just BEAUTIFUL!...very nice work...thanks.

A new dress from this lady is always a treat - Thank You!

Beautiful Dress!! Super fast shipping.  Couldn't be better.

Great delivery time - item in perfect condition.  Even prettier than expected!!

Very adorable, thank you.  Great seller.  Quick ship. +++

Adorable outfit!  Always a treat from this seller.

Excellent workmanship.  Even cuter than the photo.  Will buy again.

Always a pleasure to buy from Linda, top quality fabric, designs and workmanship.

Perfect as always!  Exceptional seamstress!  Always a pleasure!  A+++

Absolutely beautiful outfit.  I am so pleased.  Will do business again.

A great dress - lovely fabric and design - many thanks again Linda!

The most adorable and well-made outfit and gorgeous material.  Thank you.

I am a repeat customer.  I love my purchases.  Thank you.

Wonderful++Even better in person++Top notch quality.

Linda, I received the little Josefina outfit today, and it is unbelievably gorgeous!!  You do BEAUTIFUL work (I sew too, so I really appreciate your skill)!  Will surely buy from you again and give your information to both daughters-in-law!  Thanks so much!!!

Amazing quality and customer service.  Consistently fabulous for 5+ years!  Thanks!